ACAD Logo Redesign

Client: ACAD (formerly the American Conference of Academic Deans) is a nonprofit individual membership organization dedicated to the professional development of academic leaders. ACAD strives to bring administrators together and to provide support and resources, especially around relationship-building among members and  encouraging colleagues to support one another in their work. 

Project: ACAD sought to redesign its logo to reflect a broadening appeal among all levels of academic administrators as well as its primary goal of facilitating the building of supportive and constructive relationships among ACAD members. ACAD also looked for the logo redesign to:

  • support its goals to grow ACAD membership;
  • differentiate itself from other academic organizations;
  • become a leader in resources/connections shared among  members and others in the field; and
  • to strengthen relationships between ACAD and administrators.

Core branding concepts included: connection, engagement, networking, inclusivity, and support.

Solution: We worked to create a new logo that would:

  • differentiate ACAD from other academic organizations;
  • convey openness, connectedness, and a more informal tone that would speak to administrators at all levels; and
  • coordinate with the existing web site and maintain some continuity with the old logo.

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