Water-quality monitoring  results map

Client: Friends of Sligo Creek

Project: Interactive map showing water-quality data results at various locations along an urban stream that flows through southern Montgomery County, Md.

Solution: Used Python and Tableau to create an interactive map that shows water-quality test results and relative rankings for eight testing locations.

More: Friends of Sligo Creek (FOSC) is a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting, improving, and appreciating the ecological health of Sligo Creek and its surrounding park and watershed. Sligo Creek is a tributary  of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River (which flows into the Potomac River, which, in turn, leads to the Chesapeake Bay). Flowing primarily through Montgomery County, Md., Sligo Creek has an intensely urban watershed and is subject to numerous environmental pressures, including unhealthily high levels of Escherichia coli (E. coli), a bacteria that is typically an indicator of contamination by sewage and/or animal waste.

FOSC volunteers conduct water-quality testing at several locations along the creek; this project converts site-specific testing results as reported by FOSC into a clickable map that leads to pages for each site showing site data; site photo; and site rankings compared to other sites.

Water Quality Data Visualization for Friends of Sligo Creek

Main screen with clickable map

Sligo Creek water quality - screen showing individual site data

Screen showing data for individual testing site

Table of original data as presented on the FOSC web site

Try the visualization:

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