USAging conference program


We’ve produced more than a decade’s worth of branding and design materials for the annual conference of USAging, the national nonprofit association representing local agencies that serve older adults.

The conference program presents the design challenge of producing a printed product that continues to add value by being easy to use as well as an attractive venue for sponsor ads and recognition.

Production challenges include:

  • creating a clean, multi-level typographic hierarchy with extensive paragraph and character styles;
  • creating custom icons and a custom font to deploy them;
  • global text cleanup using regular and GREP search schemes;
  • color coding program sections to match existing branded materials; and
  • handling an array of content—including sponsor ads, site photos, hotel floor plans, and speaker photos—while working with a limited page count.

Services: graphic design | print production and prepress | text styling and cleanup | custom icons | custom icon font

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